Monday, July 15, 2013

EnergyBits Review and Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, EnergyBits sent me a sample to review, and they want to let one of my readers try it out too!

I've used Clif SHOTBlocks, but nothing else as far as energy goes.  Also, EnergyBits seemed to be more of an ongoing energy option than a quick boost right before or during exercise.   Being a science major and all, I wanted to conduct at least a somewhat controlled experiment with eating the same foods at the same times, etc. but that just didn't happen.

But I did take my bits just before my 5 mile run on Sunday, my longest run to date!  I wasn't feeling running at all that day, was tired from my boyfriend working at 6 a.m. the 3 days before, and various other things. 

I opened up my bits (and forgot to take pictures, I'm a horrible blogger!) and counted out my 25.  They do have a slight smell of fish food.  Well, I suppose they are algae, so technically speaking they are fish food.  At any rate, I decided to take them 3 at a time, each with a big gulp of water.  There's a slight unidentifiable aftertaste, but nothing a couple extra swigs of water won't take care of.

So with my bits and water in my belly, I started getting ready and headed off to the gym.  And it actually did help to perk me up!  The bits gave me a great source of very natural feeling energy.   I wasn't buzzing and bouncing all over the place, and there was no crash after.  It made me feel more awake and alert.  I loved the feeling the bits gave me.

Unfortunately, I probably won't continue to use them.  The absolute ONLY reason is because I hate swallowing pills or any pill-type things.  With the remainder of my bits, I am going to try to chew them, since that's possible as well.  If that works for me, I'll gladly continue to use them, so I'll update everyone on that!

And now, you have your chance to win your very own sample of bits!  You have one week to enter, and feel free to share with your friends =)

Good luck everyone!

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  1. I've never tried Energybits, but I've heard great things. Currently I use a variety of gels for mid-run fuel. Usually I just have a healthy breakfast for energy before a run.

  2. I tried them and didn't dislike them. I'd like to give them another try to see if I just like them or if I can love them!