Friday, September 19, 2014

Tunnels to Towers Recap

Last Saturday, September 13th, we ran the Tunnels to Towers race.  You can see the history behind the race in my recap from last year here.  It's a really great race with an awesome cause.  Lots of military and firefighters are involved, in various amounts of gear.  

We tried to dress as patriotically as possible, like last weekend, but our roommate apparently didn't get the memo.  I suppose he can be excused since he is military.  I recently joined Team RWB, to support military and veterans.  I haven't been involved all too much with them, but recently got my shirt and got lots of love and support on the course! They're a great group and have lots of local chapters.

My original goal was to beat last year's time which was 41:22.  That didn't happen at all.  We ended up coming in at 43:04 and it was super difficult.  For some reason I've been nauseous on and off for almost two weeks now, especially after I eat.  Well, even with my very first running interval, I could feel the nausea setting in.  I tried to push through it the best I could, but it made for a very difficult race.  It was still really inspiring and a great experience though!

Did you have any 9/11 related races?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pooler 5k Review

Another race put on by ERS, Endurance Race Services, is the Pooler 5k.  It's part of the Pooler Patriot Weekend, which is an event celebrating our military with events like a golf tournament, a festival, fireworks, a food tasting.  The 5k is mostly associated with it, but they're trying to bring the two events more together.

This is an out and back course that goes through some of the neighborhoods of Pooler that I'd never seen before, so that was interesting to go through!  There's also a really mean part of the course where we went through the 10k finish line at less than halfway through the 5k!  There was a water stop about halfway through.

I felt pretty accomplished in this race.  At one point, around halfway, I ran for 2 minutes straight.  1 minute is usually a struggle, so I really pushed to get through the 2, and it made me feel great when I did it!  Also, there's an older gentleman who power walks a lot of the 5k's we do, and he always beats us.  But! At this 5k, we beat him for the first time!  We felt accomplished because of that.  Also, I had an unspoken goal of 42 minutes, and as we were coming up to the finish line it was reading at 41 and change, so I sprinted faster than I think I ever have to get to that finish line and passed right at 42!  I smoked Ray at the end too, so that was exciting ;)

My only complaint about this race is that it does go over a set of train tracks.  While I don't think anyone in this race was stopped by the train, one did go through during the awards ceremony, so that could have been troublesome.  I think they were talking about changing the course next year, possibly for this reason? so we'll see what happens.

Also, as a 2 year anniversary present, Ray got me the Newton Energy's that I've been wanting for a while now!  They're not quite as extreme as the Momentums I have now, and I wanted to start rotating shoes.  I haven't tried them yet but I plan to this upcoming week!

Have you gotten running gear as an anniversary present?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Milestone 10k Review

We have a local group in Savannah, Endurance Race Services, that put on quite a few events each year.  The races are affordable, a really good size, and generally have pretty good courses!

On August 30th, Ray and I did the Milestone 10k.  They put this 10k and half marathon on as a 'milestone' to check if you're on track for the Savannah Rock n Roll (November 8).

This course is in Pooler, GA, about a 30 minute drive from our apartment.  It's flat, as is everything in this area, and a semi-closed course.  There were 2 water stops for the 10k, both with water and Gatorade and great volunteers.  The races generally are raising money for a local charity, and I believe this one was getting a liver for someone in need.  Or a kidney.  I feel really bad for not remembering, I just know it was a vital organ! Anyway, the second water stop, at the turn around, were involved with the cause, so that was cool.

The race director, Dan, actually runs most of his own races, so it's always cool to see him on course.  He's fast, but unlike most of the "elite" people who are very in their zone, he's always tossing out encouragements to those he's passing on the way back!

One complaint I did have was that everyone got race belts (little pouch and bib clips) instead of t-shirts.  I actually do wear my race shirts so I would have much rather had one, and I don't believe this was advertised anywhere.  Also, the race started at least 5 minutes early, so I was basically running out of the portapotty trying to get my Garmin to find signal.  It didn't find it until we had crossed the start link and I felt super rushed since I was counting on a few more minutes to get myself together.  Side note - the portapotties were fully stocked with toilet paper so that was definitely a plus.

There were finisher medals for everyone that finished, 10k and half, which is great for someone who never places!  However, for those who did place - they didn't have age group awards for the 10k (I think they did for the half but we left before then), they just called out the top 3 in each age group instead.  I do understand that it's a small, local race company, but it was just kind of odd to me since all of their other races have age group awards!

Just a few small pet peeves though, you have to have the bad with the good!  Overall their races run great, packet pickup is usually at a local store, and it's just a fun environment.

That night, we went to this little tiny bar on one of the islands to see Ray's stepdad perform as Elvis.  Someone was having their birthday party there and requested Elvis.  This is something he does regular at different venues.  It was so much fun, even though we were some of the few people under 45 or so.  Of course we got dressed up!  Our roommate missed the 50's theme just a little bit and went as Magnum PI instead, but at least he had fun =)

I'd never gone to a themed event really, outside of Halloween of course.  Have you?


Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Newest Adventure

My friend Patty over at My No-Guilt Life introduced me to a great opportunity - becoming a Jamberry consultant.  I got my consultant kit on Monday, and immediately put on my nails that night when I got home from work.  This print is called Vacay, but I already have a few lined up to replace them with.  Although, I don't expect that will happen for a few weeks!

You can take a look at Jamberry Nails here -

Jamberry Nails are heat activated vinyl wraps that adhere to your fingernails and last on your fingers for up to 2 weeks and your toes for up to 6 weeks. (YES- even RUNNERS toes for all my running friends!).
They do not chip like polish and there's no drying time. Yay!
1 sheet will give you up to 4 applications (manicures and/or pedicures).
What a deal…so much cheaper than salon manis/pedis!
Here's a little application video so you can take a look, and a picture of some Jams on fingers! This is the official method of application from Jamberry, but there are other ways to do it as well.
Below, you can see all you need to apply Jams.  A cuticle pusher, alcohol wipe, buffer (really optional), orange stick, nail scissors (but it can be done with nail clippers), a nail file, and a heater.  You probably have all of this at home already since your heat source can also be a hair dryer or even a rice bag!
I always love having my nails done, but I don't have the patience or skills to paint my own nails, nor the money to visit a salon.  Jams give me a perfect way to be girly but still have time and money to spare!  
If you're interested in learning more about Jams or being a consultant, you can always contact me, or visit my Facebook party that's going on right now.  We're playing games and there are prizes to be had!

Have you heard of Jamberry?


PS They do also have a Runner Girl Jam, since this is a running blog and all ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesdays on the Run: Fall Race Plans

PattyErika, and April host Tuesdays on the Run, and this week we're talking about Fall Racing Plans!

I'll tell you about my big plans first!

November 8th is the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon! I'm so absolutely THRILLED that I'm doing this!  I've heard so many positive things about the race, and, uhm Disney?  My boyfriend and roommate will be going to cheer me on.  We're not planning a long trip, unfortunately, just going down Friday and coming home Sunday.  And on Sunday we're going to Ohana for breakfast, which I'm really excited about.  Plus, I'll get to see my RunnersLove girls again!! So much excitement for this trip!

Next up is the Space Coast on November 30th.  The really exciting thing about this is that Ray is running it with me and it will be his first half marathon!  Our training is going fairly decently.  It definitely could be better, but we're working together to encourage each other so that he has a great first experience.

Yep, this guy is finally moving up to a half.

Then, a week later (and yes, we're probably crazy for this) we have the Savannah Bridge Run.  Except we're not just doing the 5k and going over the bridge once.  Nope.  We're doing the 15k and going over it 3 times.  Why?  Because the Double Pump has a medal.

At the end of December, I MIGHT be doing the Biggest Loser Panama City.  I have a registration for it that I won, I just have to make sure I can get the time off of work and have the money for a hotel, etc.  I'm still up in the air about this one.

We also have a lot of local 5ks, possibly a 10k, and on September 20th a Mud Run!  I'm really excited for all of those as well, but they aren't as exciting for you ;) I will update my upcoming races widget though, so you can keep track if you want to!

Will you be at any of these races?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five: Race Rituals

MarCourtney, and Cynthia host Friday Five, and this week is all about Race Rituals!

I was thinking about this as I was reading over some of the other posts, and it's hard to think about any big things that I do.  However, there are some very small things that are very important to me!

1. Eat a Luna bar.  I find these are light enough that I don't have stomach issues, but keep my hunger satisfied.  Any kind seems to work for me, but I much prefer Peppermint Stick.

2. Flat Me.  I always lay out everything I'm going to wear the next day.  And then double, possibly triple check it.  And then panic that I'm still forgetting something.

3. A kiss!  I always ALWAYS need a kiss from my boyfriend, especially if I'm running without him.  For some reason it just makes everything right.  I don't think he knows this is a ritual, so shhhhh.

4. Leave late.  No matter how hard I try to leave on time, I always end up leaving at least 5 minutes late, and then panicking the whole way to the race.  I haven't been late yet, but there are some where I've had barely any time to spare.  This is probably a ritual I should change...

5. Drink beer.  I always drink beer after a race, even if it's just a sip.  This is also basically the only time I drink beer, so it is actually something special!

Do you have any race rituals? Link up if you do!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tuesdays...on the Run: Running in Costume

I promise you it's Tuesday right now.  It's not Thursday.  Nope...not at all.

PattyErika, and April host Tuesdays on the Run, and this week we're posting about running in costume!

If you've ever looked into a Disney race, I'm sure you've seen plenty of runners in costume.  I will say that the only time I've run in full costume was at my Disney races.  For Tower of Terror I was Ursula, for the Princess Half Weekend 10k I was Anna, and for the Half I was Elsa.

Usually, I tend to run in theme instead of costume.

This was for a Tunnels to Towers race, which is of course very patriotically themed.

This was a Reindeer Run 8k, a tutu with foam decorations.  I will admit that I took the hat off most of the way through and just put it on for finishing pictures.  It got way too hot!

This is the SparkleSkirt HotChocolate for a Hot Cocoa 10k.  (P.S. If anyone is selling HotChocolate in a medium, I'll take it!)

This is a Shamrock Run 5k.

This was for the RunTheBluegrass Half Marathon which was raising money for Boston Strong, and had a Boston bombing survivor there as well.

I usually tend to try to dress somewhat to the theme.  Small plug: SparkleSkirts makes this so easy and comfortable.  All of the skirts you see are SparkleSkirts, there are SparkleSkirts shorts under my Ursula tutu, and I believe a SparkleSkirt under my candy cane tutu.  I can't run without them, and I definitely wouldn't be able to do costumes without them!  They make a great cute base for anything.

Keeping it comfortable is definitely necessary for costumes.  My only problems have been getting too hot - my Santa hat, and my Elsa cape.  I just stash my extra pieces in my SparkleSkirt pocket, but that's just me.

What should my costume be for Wine and Dine? I haven't started planning yet!