Saturday, September 13, 2014

Milestone 10k Review

We have a local group in Savannah, Endurance Race Services, that put on quite a few events each year.  The races are affordable, a really good size, and generally have pretty good courses!

On August 30th, Ray and I did the Milestone 10k.  They put this 10k and half marathon on as a 'milestone' to check if you're on track for the Savannah Rock n Roll (November 8).

This course is in Pooler, GA, about a 30 minute drive from our apartment.  It's flat, as is everything in this area, and a semi-closed course.  There were 2 water stops for the 10k, both with water and Gatorade and great volunteers.  The races generally are raising money for a local charity, and I believe this one was getting a liver for someone in need.  Or a kidney.  I feel really bad for not remembering, I just know it was a vital organ! Anyway, the second water stop, at the turn around, were involved with the cause, so that was cool.

The race director, Dan, actually runs most of his own races, so it's always cool to see him on course.  He's fast, but unlike most of the "elite" people who are very in their zone, he's always tossing out encouragements to those he's passing on the way back!

One complaint I did have was that everyone got race belts (little pouch and bib clips) instead of t-shirts.  I actually do wear my race shirts so I would have much rather had one, and I don't believe this was advertised anywhere.  Also, the race started at least 5 minutes early, so I was basically running out of the portapotty trying to get my Garmin to find signal.  It didn't find it until we had crossed the start link and I felt super rushed since I was counting on a few more minutes to get myself together.  Side note - the portapotties were fully stocked with toilet paper so that was definitely a plus.

There were finisher medals for everyone that finished, 10k and half, which is great for someone who never places!  However, for those who did place - they didn't have age group awards for the 10k (I think they did for the half but we left before then), they just called out the top 3 in each age group instead.  I do understand that it's a small, local race company, but it was just kind of odd to me since all of their other races have age group awards!

Just a few small pet peeves though, you have to have the bad with the good!  Overall their races run great, packet pickup is usually at a local store, and it's just a fun environment.

That night, we went to this little tiny bar on one of the islands to see Ray's stepdad perform as Elvis.  Someone was having their birthday party there and requested Elvis.  This is something he does regular at different venues.  It was so much fun, even though we were some of the few people under 45 or so.  Of course we got dressed up!  Our roommate missed the 50's theme just a little bit and went as Magnum PI instead, but at least he had fun =)

I'd never gone to a themed event really, outside of Halloween of course.  Have you?


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