Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pooler 5k Review

Another race put on by ERS, Endurance Race Services, is the Pooler 5k.  It's part of the Pooler Patriot Weekend, which is an event celebrating our military with events like a golf tournament, a festival, fireworks, a food tasting.  The 5k is mostly associated with it, but they're trying to bring the two events more together.

This is an out and back course that goes through some of the neighborhoods of Pooler that I'd never seen before, so that was interesting to go through!  There's also a really mean part of the course where we went through the 10k finish line at less than halfway through the 5k!  There was a water stop about halfway through.

I felt pretty accomplished in this race.  At one point, around halfway, I ran for 2 minutes straight.  1 minute is usually a struggle, so I really pushed to get through the 2, and it made me feel great when I did it!  Also, there's an older gentleman who power walks a lot of the 5k's we do, and he always beats us.  But! At this 5k, we beat him for the first time!  We felt accomplished because of that.  Also, I had an unspoken goal of 42 minutes, and as we were coming up to the finish line it was reading at 41 and change, so I sprinted faster than I think I ever have to get to that finish line and passed right at 42!  I smoked Ray at the end too, so that was exciting ;)

My only complaint about this race is that it does go over a set of train tracks.  While I don't think anyone in this race was stopped by the train, one did go through during the awards ceremony, so that could have been troublesome.  I think they were talking about changing the course next year, possibly for this reason? so we'll see what happens.

Also, as a 2 year anniversary present, Ray got me the Newton Energy's that I've been wanting for a while now!  They're not quite as extreme as the Momentums I have now, and I wanted to start rotating shoes.  I haven't tried them yet but I plan to this upcoming week!

Have you gotten running gear as an anniversary present?


  1. Love all the patriotic running outfits! Great job coming in at 42 minutes!! I am pretty surprised they put a race course over train tracks...that could put a serious dent in people's times if a train passed lol

    1. Thanks! I know it's a slow time to most, but I'm working on it!

      I was surprised as well! Even being slow, I'd be so angry if I got stopped by that!