Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tuesdays...on the Run: Running in Costume

I promise you it's Tuesday right now.  It's not Thursday.  Nope...not at all.

PattyErika, and April host Tuesdays on the Run, and this week we're posting about running in costume!

If you've ever looked into a Disney race, I'm sure you've seen plenty of runners in costume.  I will say that the only time I've run in full costume was at my Disney races.  For Tower of Terror I was Ursula, for the Princess Half Weekend 10k I was Anna, and for the Half I was Elsa.

Usually, I tend to run in theme instead of costume.

This was for a Tunnels to Towers race, which is of course very patriotically themed.

This was a Reindeer Run 8k, a tutu with foam decorations.  I will admit that I took the hat off most of the way through and just put it on for finishing pictures.  It got way too hot!

This is the SparkleSkirt HotChocolate for a Hot Cocoa 10k.  (P.S. If anyone is selling HotChocolate in a medium, I'll take it!)

This is a Shamrock Run 5k.

This was for the RunTheBluegrass Half Marathon which was raising money for Boston Strong, and had a Boston bombing survivor there as well.

I usually tend to try to dress somewhat to the theme.  Small plug: SparkleSkirts makes this so easy and comfortable.  All of the skirts you see are SparkleSkirts, there are SparkleSkirts shorts under my Ursula tutu, and I believe a SparkleSkirt under my candy cane tutu.  I can't run without them, and I definitely wouldn't be able to do costumes without them!  They make a great cute base for anything.

Keeping it comfortable is definitely necessary for costumes.  My only problems have been getting too hot - my Santa hat, and my Elsa cape.  I just stash my extra pieces in my SparkleSkirt pocket, but that's just me.

What should my costume be for Wine and Dine? I haven't started planning yet!


  1. I love running in costume/themed outfits as well! Makes the races more fun in my opinion :0)

    As for Wine & Dine, you could always run in like a wine colored outfit to go along with the theme? Or maybe chef Mickey?

    1. Chef Mickey might be cute! SparkleSkirts is coming out with a wine skirt that's super cute, but I just don't know when I'd wear it other than this race.