Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Things Friday

1. Autism Awareness 5k on 10/12. I ran in 42:27. I was so sore and tight from ToT ... I probably should have ran in between them. It was basically the same course as Help the HooHahs on 9/27 when I PRed. My boyfriend and his mom ran too. He took off with her and ended up with a PR of 31:13. I'm so proud of him! 

2. Bluffton Seafood and Arts Fesitval 10k on 10/19. I ran it in 1:30:19 according to their time, 1:29:51 by my Garmin. I like that a lot better because my goal was under 1:30. It was a pretty good race. My only complaint is that it wasn't closed to traffic and the drivers didn't seem too happy we were there. 
3. Yesterday's training run. I tried a :30/:30 interval and it failed miserably. I like my 1:00/1:00 but I'd like to build up my stamina to be able to run longer. And I found this! 

4. SparkleSkirts! I know I've mentioned them before but I've gotten new ones that I love so much. There's Everest from my 10k, AmericanGraffiti which I haven't worn yet and Tiffany which is absolutely gorgeous! 

5. The weather! It's gotten so much colder so fast here. It's great for running, horrible otherwise. I just wish there wasn't a difference of being hot in the sun and needing a jacket in the shade. But like I said, it's perfect for running. 

What's been new with everyone else lately?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tower of Terror Recap

I know. It's been over a week. I honestly wanted to give you a great post. But I don't know how. The race itself was great. I was completely and utterly undertrained and had bad shoes. I was in so much pain by the end. I was with the balloon ladies at least half the race. This meant some characters I just took pictures of, not with. My finishing time was 2:50 and some seconds. My Garmin says my moving time was 2:35 and some seconds which I expected to be my finishing time. 

But there was good as well. I met Rachel by my boyfriend completely embarrassing me at the expo. But it was worth it. She's such a fun and happy and adorable person! And her friend Kelly was in my corral so I had someone to hang out with before and at least start with. I finished. I honestly didn't think I would at points. And Ray, my boyfriend, was an amazing support. He kept sending me encouraging texts no matter how whiny I was. I know he just wanted to tell me to suck it up. So I did suck it up enough to go on Star Tours with him after. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. They'll go through the expo and my loot, a couple from Ray doing the 5k and the race. 

And a few of his pictures from the after party. 

PS - that's exactly what I looked like during the race ;) 

Did you run Tower of Terror? Have you ever been overwhelmed by a race so much it was hard to write about?


Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Goals

I figure hopefully by putting my goals out there, and giving myself a concrete list to look back it, I should hopefully accomplish something!

1. Get back down to a total of at least 10 lbs lost, preferably more.  I was down to 149.8.  Today I weighed in at 152.4.  I see no reason I can't get down to more than the total of 10 lost.

2. Finish my 10 Miler in less than 2:30.  We'll see how this goes in 2 days!!

3. Get a decent 10k time for Princess corral placement.  Preferably around 1:15.  We'll see if that's possible.

4. Get better grades in school, especially A&P.  Yeah...this is a sore spot right now.  I hate not doing well in a class.  I disappoint myself and my parents, and neither are ok.  I need to be doing work I'm proud of, while keeping my stress limit in check.

5. Run 3x a week, minimum.  I'm pretty good with my long runs, but I slack on my maintanence runs, then wonder why I don't improve.  Must stay on top of this!

6. Yoga 3x a week, minimum.  See #4.  Must keep stress level in check.

That's all I can think of right now, and is a fairly reasonable amount to do.

I'm off to pack for Tower of Terror!

What are your monthly goals for October?