Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Things Friday

1. Autism Awareness 5k on 10/12. I ran in 42:27. I was so sore and tight from ToT ... I probably should have ran in between them. It was basically the same course as Help the HooHahs on 9/27 when I PRed. My boyfriend and his mom ran too. He took off with her and ended up with a PR of 31:13. I'm so proud of him! 

2. Bluffton Seafood and Arts Fesitval 10k on 10/19. I ran it in 1:30:19 according to their time, 1:29:51 by my Garmin. I like that a lot better because my goal was under 1:30. It was a pretty good race. My only complaint is that it wasn't closed to traffic and the drivers didn't seem too happy we were there. 
3. Yesterday's training run. I tried a :30/:30 interval and it failed miserably. I like my 1:00/1:00 but I'd like to build up my stamina to be able to run longer. And I found this! 

4. SparkleSkirts! I know I've mentioned them before but I've gotten new ones that I love so much. There's Everest from my 10k, AmericanGraffiti which I haven't worn yet and Tiffany which is absolutely gorgeous! 

5. The weather! It's gotten so much colder so fast here. It's great for running, horrible otherwise. I just wish there wasn't a difference of being hot in the sun and needing a jacket in the shade. But like I said, it's perfect for running. 

What's been new with everyone else lately?

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  1. Great job on your races! That is cool you saw a road called Lauren too!