Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Goals

I figure hopefully by putting my goals out there, and giving myself a concrete list to look back it, I should hopefully accomplish something!

1. Get back down to a total of at least 10 lbs lost, preferably more.  I was down to 149.8.  Today I weighed in at 152.4.  I see no reason I can't get down to more than the total of 10 lost.

2. Finish my 10 Miler in less than 2:30.  We'll see how this goes in 2 days!!

3. Get a decent 10k time for Princess corral placement.  Preferably around 1:15.  We'll see if that's possible.

4. Get better grades in school, especially A&P.  Yeah...this is a sore spot right now.  I hate not doing well in a class.  I disappoint myself and my parents, and neither are ok.  I need to be doing work I'm proud of, while keeping my stress limit in check.

5. Run 3x a week, minimum.  I'm pretty good with my long runs, but I slack on my maintanence runs, then wonder why I don't improve.  Must stay on top of this!

6. Yoga 3x a week, minimum.  See #4.  Must keep stress level in check.

That's all I can think of right now, and is a fairly reasonable amount to do.

I'm off to pack for Tower of Terror!

What are your monthly goals for October?

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