Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tower of Terror Recap

I know. It's been over a week. I honestly wanted to give you a great post. But I don't know how. The race itself was great. I was completely and utterly undertrained and had bad shoes. I was in so much pain by the end. I was with the balloon ladies at least half the race. This meant some characters I just took pictures of, not with. My finishing time was 2:50 and some seconds. My Garmin says my moving time was 2:35 and some seconds which I expected to be my finishing time. 

But there was good as well. I met Rachel by my boyfriend completely embarrassing me at the expo. But it was worth it. She's such a fun and happy and adorable person! And her friend Kelly was in my corral so I had someone to hang out with before and at least start with. I finished. I honestly didn't think I would at points. And Ray, my boyfriend, was an amazing support. He kept sending me encouraging texts no matter how whiny I was. I know he just wanted to tell me to suck it up. So I did suck it up enough to go on Star Tours with him after. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. They'll go through the expo and my loot, a couple from Ray doing the 5k and the race. 

And a few of his pictures from the after party. 

PS - that's exactly what I looked like during the race ;) 

Did you run Tower of Terror? Have you ever been overwhelmed by a race so much it was hard to write about?



  1. Loved this race so much! The character stops were so much fun!

  2. I am so super bummed that Ursula was not anywhere at all! I even asked for her specifically at the park :( I'm so sorry that you were in so much pain, but you finished!! That's awesome :D You are just too sweet and I hope we get to meet up again in the near future!

    P.S. Congrats to Ray on his 5k!!

    1. I will pass along the congrats!

      And I'm super bummed too! She's my favorite. Other than the Red Queen, but that's because my love of Alice trumps almost everything else. And you're the sweet one! =P I hope we can too!

      I do just have to remind myself that I did finish, and that's what matters. The pain was mostly my fault, for undertraining, so I know at least some of what I need to change for next time!