Friday, September 19, 2014

Tunnels to Towers Recap

Last Saturday, September 13th, we ran the Tunnels to Towers race.  You can see the history behind the race in my recap from last year here.  It's a really great race with an awesome cause.  Lots of military and firefighters are involved, in various amounts of gear.  

We tried to dress as patriotically as possible, like last weekend, but our roommate apparently didn't get the memo.  I suppose he can be excused since he is military.  I recently joined Team RWB, to support military and veterans.  I haven't been involved all too much with them, but recently got my shirt and got lots of love and support on the course! They're a great group and have lots of local chapters.

My original goal was to beat last year's time which was 41:22.  That didn't happen at all.  We ended up coming in at 43:04 and it was super difficult.  For some reason I've been nauseous on and off for almost two weeks now, especially after I eat.  Well, even with my very first running interval, I could feel the nausea setting in.  I tried to push through it the best I could, but it made for a very difficult race.  It was still really inspiring and a great experience though!

Did you have any 9/11 related races?


  1. I'm sorry you didn't feel well, but that seems like a really fun group and a great cause.

  2. Team RWB is the BEST!!! I have been a part of their group since last October - love them!

    1. They are pretty great! I'm hoping to be more involved with them coming up!