Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesdays on the Run: Fall Race Plans

PattyErika, and April host Tuesdays on the Run, and this week we're talking about Fall Racing Plans!

I'll tell you about my big plans first!

November 8th is the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon! I'm so absolutely THRILLED that I'm doing this!  I've heard so many positive things about the race, and, uhm Disney?  My boyfriend and roommate will be going to cheer me on.  We're not planning a long trip, unfortunately, just going down Friday and coming home Sunday.  And on Sunday we're going to Ohana for breakfast, which I'm really excited about.  Plus, I'll get to see my RunnersLove girls again!! So much excitement for this trip!

Next up is the Space Coast on November 30th.  The really exciting thing about this is that Ray is running it with me and it will be his first half marathon!  Our training is going fairly decently.  It definitely could be better, but we're working together to encourage each other so that he has a great first experience.

Yep, this guy is finally moving up to a half.

Then, a week later (and yes, we're probably crazy for this) we have the Savannah Bridge Run.  Except we're not just doing the 5k and going over the bridge once.  Nope.  We're doing the 15k and going over it 3 times.  Why?  Because the Double Pump has a medal.

At the end of December, I MIGHT be doing the Biggest Loser Panama City.  I have a registration for it that I won, I just have to make sure I can get the time off of work and have the money for a hotel, etc.  I'm still up in the air about this one.

We also have a lot of local 5ks, possibly a 10k, and on September 20th a Mud Run!  I'm really excited for all of those as well, but they aren't as exciting for you ;) I will update my upcoming races widget though, so you can keep track if you want to!

Will you be at any of these races?


  1. Good luck at Wine n Dine. I am sad I wont be there this year but my trade off is doing TOT since we visited during wine n dine last year! Have a blast!

    1. Thank you! Have fun at ToT! I did that one last year =)

  2. I can't wait for the RunnersLove meet-up at Wine & Dine! It will be so fun!

    1. Me too! I'm so excited to see everyone again!!

  3. What? RunnersLove meetup? Guess I've been way too slack on FB lately. I hope to get to meet you there!