Monday, August 26, 2013

Color Run!

On August 17th, my boyfriend Ray, roommate Courtney, Courtney's boyfriend/Ray's friend Nease, and friends Hannah and Nathan ran the Color Run in Savannah.  It was so much fun!  Hard to put into words the experience.  It wasn't something that completely blew my mind like I thought it would, but it was definitely something unique.  I'll sum things up with some pictures =)

Our "House" Picture - Before!

Ray and I - Before

The Runicorn!

We pirouetted

We failed at jumping - but we were happy!

We made a stop at the famous Forsyth Fountain

We had our vicious war faces

We finished!

We succeeded at jumping!

There were epic high fives

We succeeded again!

We played on the playground

We found the colored Runicorn after

We climbed things on the playground

We were Happy!

And we certainly colored outside the lines!
Have you ever done a color run?  What were your thoughts?
(Sorry for the out of order pictures!)
Lauren =)


  1. You all look great! Especially the "after" pictures. I love that you got the boys to wear tutu's too!

    1. Thanks! It was actually their idea! (We worry about them sometimes...) They were jealous that we got them and wanted their own.