Sunday, February 16, 2014

Princess Packing List

I feel so underprepared for Princess Weekend but so excited at the same time!  I just wrote out a packing list and will start packing hopefully tomorrow.  I always feel like I'm missing things on my list though, and would love any suggestions!  We're driving down Friday and home Sunday, so we aren't there for long.

This is what I have so far:

- black tech shirt
- black sports bra
- LittleSister skirt
- running underwear
- purple socks

- Tiffany skirt
- teal tank top
- purple sports bra
- Elsa cape
- running underwear
- white socks
- tiara
- margarita ShotBlox
- watermelon Chomps

- Garmin
- Shoes
- iPod
- phone
- camera

- Garmin
- phone
- iPod
- Fitbit
- camera

- underwear
- regular bras
- after 10k park outfit
- after half outfit
- park shoes – Cinderella sneakers
- socks
- waivers
- MagicBands
- hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, body wash, razor
- body glide
- compression socks
- KT Tape
- Luna bars, peanut butter, apples
- The Stick
- bobby pins and hair elastics

Have you made a list?  What would you add to mine?  (I don't really do meds, Biofreeze, etc. so those aren't on the list for a reason).



  1. That looks like a pretty good list to me! Always be prepared is a good philosophy to have. I recently did the Tinkerbell Half, but I am not ready to do the 10k and Half yet. If I were you I might pack some band aides and sunscreen. After my half I had a few blisters and the band aides helped, and sunscreen for obvious reasons. Good Luck!

    1. I'm horrible about sunscreen and never wear it! I don't think we even have any in the apartment, to be honest. But it is a good idea =)

  2. Yes, I need to go pack now! I usually make my list up by the day. M-T-W-Th-F-S-S. This helps!

    1. That is a good idea. This is almost set up that way, since we're only Friday-Sunday.

  3. Looks like a very good list to me! Don't forget your Lasting Commemorative's card from the iGiftBag - I usually pack hard confirmations for my air/hotel/etc. too! Have a blast!!

    1. Thanks! I mentally put that under "waivers" since it's sitting on my printer with all of them, but it would be good to add!