Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Take Away My Blogger Title Now!

Wow, y'all.  Almost two months since I last posted and I left off in the middle of a recap.  Please just take away my blogger title now, because apparently I fail as being one!  I've been working a lot, and summer semester we have 5 week classes, which means that we were learning 12 weeks of information in 5 weeks.  The past five weeks I was taking 3 classes, so work was super intensive.  I've had almost no time to work out, blog, or do anything really.

I'm not going to do a detailed post about the rest of Nike.  It hurt.  I did too much walking the day before.  I should have learned from Disney, but Ray had never been to DC, so I wanted to let him sightsee!  I finished.  It was gorgeous but physically tough.  I'll leave you with a few pictures! Hopefully I'll be back to regularly updating soon.



  1. Yay-congrats! I have always wanted to do that race!

  2. Great pics! Glad you finished and pushed through the race after all that walking the day before! :0)