Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TotR: Gift Guide for Runners

April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere, Patty from My No Guilt Life, and Erika from MCM Mama Runs host Tuesdays on the Run.  This week we're talking about holiday gifts for runners!

In non-running related news, I've done almost all of my holiday shopping this year, so that's very exciting!

In running related news, here are the top items on my wishlist!

1. Garmin 220

I currently have my Garmin 10.  However, I'm trying to get more in tune with calories in vs. calories out, so I wear my Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor as well.  I feel juuuuusssttt a little dorky wearing both those watches at once.  Plus, it's a lot of things to start just before a run, because I use Nike+ on my phone as well (I like the social aspect of it!).  I got my boyfriend this watch for his birthday, and I like it overall better than my 10.  This is first on my wishlist!

Currently, all of my bibs are in a shoebox on a shelf.  And scattered in my car.  And scattered in my apartment.  There's probably one in my purse too.  Who knows?  Anyway, Gone For a Run has super cute bib folios, and I think it's a great way to keep them!

I don't usually keep a training log, except for the smiley faces that dailymile and Nike+ let me choose.  I believe Garmin usually keeps the weather information, and of course pace/distance/time.  But this log looks like it lets you put a lot more detail into it, and I think it would be really good for me to have!

These are my 3 major running items.  I'm hoping to get some smaller stocking stuffer type items as well, such as Honey Stinger chews, great running socks, and maybe a hat or two!

What's on your running list?


  1. I was thinking about the Bibfolio for all my race bibs...they are so nice but I wish they were cheaper! I'd be happy with more running clothes, especially a nice jacket! Hard to believe the holidays are almost here!

    1. I do too, hence the wish list idea ;)

  2. That Garmin looks great. I've been using the Forerunner 10 since I started running a few years ago and I'm starting to think I'm outgrowing it. Great list! Thanks for linking up with us today!

    1. I love my 10, but I just can't wait for something better!