Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Old Port Shipyard Half

April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere, Patty from My No Guilt Life, and Erika from MCM Mama Runs host Tuesdays on the Run.  Today they are talking about Core Strength.  However, I'm horrible at doing core exercises and know nothing about them.  So you can take a peek at their blogs for some input on that, and I'll keep working on it!

In the meantime, I'm going to tell you about a race I've been meaning to tell you about! July 11 I was up in Portland, ME for another half with my big sister.  The one I ran the Savannah Women's Half with in March.  I flew up what was supposed to be Wednesday night, but ended up being Thursday morning, and came home the next Monday night.  We explored Portland and had tons of fun together!  

Friday night we went to a lobster bake.  Cori had to give me a lesson on how to properly deconstruct a lobster.  It's actually somewhat disappointing how little you get out of it...oh well! There was a band called Hello Newman playing, and it was a whole night of 90's throwbacks.  It was great, and helped to settle my nerves about the race the next morning.

As we were walking to the corral Saturday morning, I ran into my cousin Rob! I haven't seen him in at least 5 years, probably longer, so that was exciting!  We took off running and boy were we in for a surprise!  I knew it would be hilly, but it was so bad and painful!  Some places were straight up, and so many less were straight down.  Around mile 8 we got into Back Cove, which is a gravel trail.  This killed me.  Normally I love a softer surface to run on, but the extra effort of pushing off the dirt was killing me.  I don't think I ran at all after that. 

There was a woman I saw at the beginning and ended up walking the last couple miles together.  She usually organizes a 5k for her son who passed away, but couldn't bring together her own run this year, so she decided to run the half instead!  Her husband and other kids were waiting at the finish line and it was so touching to see.  

I was underprepared for this distance and for the hills, but I finished and that's what matters! 

What races have you done lately?

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