Monday, November 2, 2015

November Goals

Hello Blogger World, and enjoy a day late welcome to November!

I wanted to share with you my goals for November, and then an update at the end of the month!

Two overarching goals I have currently (from my National Society of Leadership and Success) are:
1. Lose 15 lbs by December 31.  This will put me at 150 lbs.  Most of my monthly goals relate to this.

2. Get into graduate school before I graduate undergrad.  Ha, that's a fun sentence ;) As of right now, my biggest concerns with this are taking the MAT and writing my letter of intent.  My application is due January 30, but I'm hoping to get it in by the end of the year.

Specific to November:
1. Have my parents over for dinner.  I moved into the condo in May and really should have before now.

2. Have all my school work completed by 11/23.  I have a few tests that of course I have no control over, and a few big projects I'm still working on.

3. Have all Christmas supplies purchased so I can use December to craft.

4. Lose any amount of weight.  I don't want to put a specific amount because I don't want too much pressure, but I am keeping in mind my overall goal which seems more difficult every day.

5. Don't weight myself until Thanksgiving morning.

6. Eat out a maximum of 2 times per week, whether it's take out, fast food, or sit down.

7. Finish 2 half marathons (Rock and Roll Savannah on 11/7 and Space Coast on 11/29).

8. Work out three times a week minimum.  This includes yoga, running (30+ min.), Crush (weight lifting - it's an awesome program if you've never heard of it!), or other activities (I do a lot of dance videos at home on YouTube and again, 30+ min. to count).

9. Go to yoga at least once a week.

10. Save $25 per week minimum.  I'm not being smart financially and this needs to change drastically!

What are your big goals for November?


  1. Great goals, Lauren! I'm sure you are going to have a bang-up end of the year! And yes--- invite your parents over for dinner. LOL!!!

  2. Every year I say I will buy all my Christmas supplies early, but then I never do and end up scrambling the last few days before Christmas! Good luck to you on that ( and your other goals)!

    1. I feel like that's what's going to happen, but I'm going to make every effort possible!