Friday, May 31, 2013

Feeling Overwhelmed

Well, with all the announcements regarding Disney races that have been going on, I'm feeling completely overwhelmed!

I want to do the Glass Slipper Challenge.  But at a $270 price tag, it's going to be hard to deal with financially.  My parents are currently supporting me, as I'm going to school full time and it's hard for me to find a job that works with that.  They pay for (almost) all of my races.  Tower of Terror they went half and half.  But maybe with a birthday coming up, they'll cover the whole thing?  I asked my mom to go half and half again, but she hasn't responded yet as they're traveling.  I also don't know if they'll believe in my physical ability to run both races.

Also - Race Retreat and getting my boyfriend the ChEAR Squad Platinum package.  Is it worth it?  Should I do it for just me? For both of us.  It will probably depend on how much (if any) money I get for my birthday.

And it's supposed to have been the Runner's World Running Streak.  Who did the first day, then missed the next two?  This girl.  I'm doing 3 miles today, hopefully, to make up for that, but I still feel like I let myself down.

Plus, the Galloway training plan for ToT starts Tuesday!

Money and training-wise, there seems to be a lot going on.  Hopefully it sorts itself out soon!

Is anyone else having similar concerns?


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