Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Recap

Hi all!

I was still slacking this past week.  I also don't have a weight because as of today, Ray and I are staying at my parents for about two weeks and we started packing up as soon as we woke up to get to the puppy!  She'd been alone since around 4:30 in the morning and we woke up around 9:30.

Last week's schedule:
Tuesday - 4 miles - was never done :/
Wednesday - yoga - I did weights instead (back day)
Thursday - 3 miles - done!
Friday - yoga - done!
Saturday - 5k + 7.9 for a total of 11 - only the 5k was done.  I ate lunch and was watching a tv show while that settled, and ended up falling asleep until dinner time instead.
Sunday - yoga - not done :/
Monday - 2 miles - not done :/
Tuesday - 4 miles - not done :/

So basically, I sucked this last week.  I'm hoping that putting this on my blog will make me more motivated so that I don't have to feel the guilt of posting all these not domes.

Next week's schedule:
Wednesday - 11 miles
Thursday - yoga/cross train
Friday - 2 miles
Saturday - 13k (5k + 8k challenge)
Sunday - 3 miles
Monday - yoga/cross train
Tuesday -  4 miles

I'm a lot more optimistic about this next week.  I really need to get in that 11 mile run to feel prepared for my half at the end of the month, then keep the mileage nice and easy.

Thanks for the encouraging words last week!  Anything specific to get me out for 11 miles tomorrow?


  1. Go Lauren Go....really I need to be accountable like you. I did good last week, well on running sigh...but so far this week nada. You got it..have a great long run.

    1. Awh, thank you! I have to keep trying new ways to keep myself accountable, or else I don't do anything!

  2. You got this Lauren! As for your 11-miler, just take one mile at a time :0) And make sure your playlist has your favorite songs!

    1. Thanks Lauren =) I'll probably break it up into smaller loops, and just focus on one at a time. And maybe I'll even make up a new playlist real quick before I go!

  3. You got this! I love that you're sharing your workouts...even if they aren't what you expected them to be!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully sharing will keep me on the straight and narrow!

  4. Great schedule of workouts, I know you'll do a great job this week! Maybe you just needed a little rest? Now that you're all rested up, get out there and kick some booty! :)