Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Recap

This is totally Tuesday, right?  I wasn't staying up until one in the morning finishing a presentation that was due today and ignoring my blogging duties.

Weight: 150.8
Change: +1
Overall Loss: 9.4

My weight fluctuates really really easily, and we went out to dinner last night, so I think that's why.  We also got Hershey Spread and I may have had a spoonful...or three.

Last Week:
Wednesday - 11 miles - done!
Thursday - cross train - done!
Friday - 2 miles - not done =(
Saturday - 13k - 5k done!
Sunday - 3 miles - not done =(
Monday - cross train - done! + 0.5 miles (my pants wouldn't stay up!)
Tuesday - 4 miles - not done - I had to do the homework I ignored instead!

I feel better about this week than last week, but still need to be more consistent.  This week isn't off to the best start either - no activity today.

Wednesday - yoga/cross train
Thursday - 2 miles
Friday - travel day
Saturday - 13.1!!!
Sunday - rest
Monday - yoga/cross train
Tuesday - 45 minutes

We'll see how it goes!

How did your week go?


  1. Nice job last week! What half marathon do you have on Saturday?

    I haven't tried the new Hershey's spread. I'm scared to buy it because I'll eat it like I do nutella or peanut butter... on anything and everything... or ya know, by the spoonful!

    1. RunTheBluegrass!

      And if you're anything like me, don't buy it! It's just as dangerous. Basically it tastes like chocolate frosting.

  2. Awesome job on the 11 miles!! My weight can fluctuate like crazy, especially after a restaurant meal (all that sodium!). Looks like you're doing great!! Good luck with your 13.1 this weekend!

    I've done pretty well this week on both food and running. I almost didn't get my run in today, but snuck it in right when I got home and ended up having a great run! Well, exhausting and thirsty, but still good!

    1. Thank you! And congrats on having a good week!

  3. Looks like you got some good mileage in girl! Good job!

  4. 13.1 is coming so sooooon!!! GOOD LUCK! I AM SO excited for you!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm freaking out so much in both good and bad ways haha

  5. Sounds to me like you are doing great! :D I'm with you, my weight fluctuates like crazy, too...and Hershey spread...omg. So good!