Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bobcat Scorcher 5k

Last Saturday, August 16, we ran the Bobcat Scorcher in Bluffton, SC.  It was 79 with 94% humidity.  The temperature didn't bother me one but, but I felt like I was breathing in air!  The race went through a gated community, and all of the houses were absolutely gorgeous.  It was a flat course, as with everything down here, and a really good run!

We finished in 44:38 which is a 14:21 pace.  We only took about 5 extra walk breaks, I believe.  We haven't ran much at all this summer, so I wasn't too disappointed.  It was also 1:20 faster than the race we did 7/26, so that was great!

To be perfectly honest, the main reason I did this race was because there were tie-dye t-shirts.  The bibs were too, and they were so cute!

Afterwards they had pizza, oranges, bananas, and GIANT pieces of watermelon.

Overall, it was a great race, though a really fast one.  I'll probably do it again next year, even if only for the t-shirts.

How have you been holding up in the heat?