Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesdays on the Run: Cross Training

PattyErika, and April host Tuesdays on the Run, and this week we're posting about cross training!

I will admit that in training up until now, I haven't really done any cross training whatsoever.  Now, I'm getting into it.  Honestly it's not for cross training/running purposes, that's just a plus, it's really just for general fitness.

My main form of cross training is power yoga, which I've posted about before.  I absolutely love yoga and can really tell a difference in the strength I'm building.  I haven't noticed all that much difference in flexibility, although I haven't been completely consistent with it.  Maybe with more practice, I'll get that.  I burn anywhere from 400-550 calories in an hour long class, so that's great too!

I'm working on starting weight lifting as well.  I have a friend who tends to go to the gym a lot to lift, and he has a friend that wants to go with him, so we're trying to work out a schedule for the three of us to go.  I've gone once with him so far, and other than that our schedules don't quite match up, but I'm working on it!

I'm also going to read the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I've read from a few other bloggers that it's been really helpful for them, and then maybe I'd feel more comfortable going to the gym by myself.  I like going with my friend for the motivation factor, and because I'm completely lost on what to do.  I have the book, and I'll just have to read it now, so I'll try to update everyone if I get on that plan =)

I'm trying to be more consistent with both my cross training and running, in hopes that it will make me a stronger and faster runner.

I'd also love to cycle as cross training, but I never learned to ride a bike!  I love the idea of it, but I think now that I'm 22 (so old, I know ;) ) I've also developed a mental block against it.  The idea of falling absolutely terrifies me to the point of not even getting on a bike.  Maybe I'll be able to overcome this...who knows?

Are there any forms of cross training that you do that I haven't listed here?


  1. I've loved that book although I stopped doing it when Eli had his medical issues a few months ago. I am sure I'll get back to it again though, it is very effective. And yeah, you need to learn to ride a bike it is so much fun to speed down a hill! Thanks for linking up with us today!

    1. See, that does sound fun, but then my brain goes "NO! That sounds TERRIFYING!" I'm trying to work on it.

  2. You should definitely learn to ride a bike! It is so much fun!