Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ft. Bragg Spartan Sprint Recap

April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere, Patty from My No Guilt Life, and Erika from MCM Mama Runs host Tuesdays on the Run. This week they're talking about what they won't run without.  While I do have a pretty good list for it, I'm going to tell you instead about a run I did "naked"!

On September 19, I did my first Spartan Race.  I became a Spartan that day, and it truly changed my life.  

Here are my biggest takeaways: 
1. I can do more than I thought, physically and mentally.
2. I can now approach the world by replacing "I can't" with "Maybe not today, but I can get there eventually."
3. I know I don't have nearly as much to be afraid of.

It was a Sprint at Ft. Bragg.  It's not technically on base, but it's Ft. Bragg property.  Start and finish on a beach lake in a recreational area they have.  

We got there an hour and a half early, like the instructions said to.  Paid our $10, parked, and walked to check in.  It was about a half mile from where we parked to the check in.  I'm definitely glad we had my Jeep! We were parked essentially in sand with sticks and roots and whatnot sticking out of it.  Checked in and got my packet.  I decided not to wear my headband because I wanted to save it.  You get that, a wristband with your start time that they cut off when you get your t-shirt, a timing chip and plastic wristband to wear it on, a free beer wristband, and a discount code for registering for another race (or off apparel at the store online, I don't remember).  The festival area was on the beach.  The Marine Corps had a station set up with a push-up/pull-up contest, Navy Federal Credit Union had a booth, Spartan SGX did with a mini rope climb and a few other things set up for spectators to do, there was a merchandise booth (I got a hat), medical tent, beer, and I think some food you could buy.

Before my start we watched people on the rope climb, slip wall, and fire jump (the only obstacles you could see from the finish line) while I freaked out.  We also got to watch Team OEW walking to the start line, which was absolutely amazing.

Finally it was my start time.  You have to jump over a wall to get to the start line.  I think it was 6'.  And I needed help for it.  And let me tell you, that definitely put me into panic mode!  From there it was no turning back onto my 5.5 mile journey.  And what a journey it was.  Here's what we knew ahead of time for obstacles: Over Parachute Under Walls, Moats, O-U-T, Classified, 6' 7' 8' Walls, Hurdles A, Hurdles B, Monkey Bars, Atlas Carry, Inverted Wall, Classified, long stretch of running, Plate Drag, Classified, Big Cargo, Water Drudge, Sandbag Duck Carry, Z-Walls, Classified, Spear Throw, Classified, Bombs Over Barbed Wire, Clif Multi-Bar, Rope Climb, Slip Wall, Fire Jump, Finish!  The classified obstacles in order were: Hay Bales, Vertical Cargo, Ammo Can Carry, Bucket Brigade, Hercules Hoist.  This is not my video, but you can see a video of all the obstacles here.

Here are the obstacles I couldn't complete: 6' 7' 8' Foot Walls, Monkey Bars, Inverted Wall, Z-Walls, Spear Throw, Multi-Bar, Rope Climb, Slip Wall.  I attempted everything except the tall walls.  There were a lot of obstacles I got help on, too, but I did complete them.  I'm going to be completely honest right here and now - I did not do all of my burpees.  But I still fully consider myself both a finisher and a Spartan for this reason: I left everything I had on that course.  I could barely even stand up straight or see straight by the time I was done.  I physically had nothing left in my and I felt it was better and more beneficial for me to keep going through the race.

Now I know what I need to train more for next time (burpees, upper body strength, grip strength).  But I'm definitely doing another race, and my main goal now is to start embracing the Spartan lifestyle as much as I can! Now, please enjoy some pictures! Professional ones are first, then ones from me/my boyfriend.

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  1. Congratulations on your finish! It really is amazing what we can get done when we just get out there and say we're going to DO IT.