Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Update: Sept. 7-13

In order to start workout out more and have an actual weekly update, I'll start posting them on Mondays!  They're a fairly uneventful day for me so I think it's a good time to do it.

Monday, Sept 7: Went to the gym and did a Crush60 workout.  Started over since we hadn't done any in a while.  It was chest day and involved bench presses, multiple kinds of dumbbell presses, push ups, etc. 

Tuesday Sept 8: Tuesdays are my super busy days so I don't really forsee any workouts, honestly.  I student teach from 7 am to around 4 pm, depending on when the staff meeting gets out.  Then I have class from 6-8:45 pm.  It's a busy day!

Wednesday Sept 9: Got in a 3 mile run.  Almost had negative splits, but at least my last mile was my fastest!  Then back day for Crush60 day 2.  Deadlifts, pulldowns, rows, etc.

Thursday Sept 10: Boyfriend's little brother's birthday at a hibachi grill, Miyabi's.  No exercise.  I probably would have thrown up if I tried after dinner, and we picked him up from school and wouldn't be able to bring him to the gym before dinner.

Friday Sept 11: Better Booty/Leg Day.  Worst idea ever before a run.  Oh well! Multiple kinds of deadlifts and tons of hamstring curls!

Saturday Sept 12: 5k.  Tunnels to Towers.  It's a super intense race for me.  There's at least a third of a mile that has Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts lined up, each one wearing a picture of a firefighter that gave his life on 9/11.  This is the third year I've done the race and every year I cry.  Then work.  15k+ steps!

Sunday Sept 13:  Super tired from work and the race the day before.  Started to work on homework for the following week.  No physical activity.

Did you do anything fun this week?

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