Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday Summary (2/6 through 2/13)

Ok, so I wanted to switch from Saturday to Sunday and forgot to post yesterday...oops?

Saturday 2/6 - I did absolutely nothing.  Spoiler alert - I'm still somewhat sick and stuffy today, so that has made me lazy this past week.  3,014 steps.

Sunday 2/7 - I did some food prep for the week and Crush BBC.  My boyfriend's little brother was staying over.  Normally when I wake up before my boyfriend I just watch TV downstairs, but then I would have been on the couch where his little brother is sleeping.  So, I went to the gym instead.  Squats were the first exercise on the schedule after warming up, but there was a dude in the squat rack doing shoulder shrugs.  What the heck dude? Well anyway, he was there before I even walked in the gym, so I figured he wouldn't have that long left.  I looked over every time I finished a set of anything else.  He was NEVER done.  I ended up leaving without doing squats because this guy was there for 40+ minutes doing shrugs on our ONLY squat rack! I'm particular about the way I do squats because I want to work on them traditionally for various reasons, so I just added them on to Monday's workout instead. 3,945 steps.

Monday 2/8 - Crush Shoulders before school.  12,999 steps.

Tuesday 2/9 - Crush Chest before school.  Everything hurt this entire day of school.  Also people don't know how to rerack their weights. Grrrrr!  12,246 steps.

Wednesday 2/10 - Crush BBC before school.  Most of it, at least.  I think I skipped a couple of exercises, but mostly cardio things. 10,294 steps.

Thursday 2/11 - Nothing! 10,017 steps.

Friday 2/12 - Nothing again, but this time it was planned in preparation for the next day.  Saw Deadpool and loved it! 8,465 steps.

Saturday 2/13 - Love Chocolate 10k.  It was a decent race, but I'll write a separate post about that soon.  And I got my second piercing in my ears.  17,489 steps.

What was your week like?

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