Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tie it Up Tuesday (with an Exciting Announcement!)

Y'all, it's been a busy time.  I still owe you a 10k recap too.  But today this summary is being linked up with Tuesdays on the Run hosted by Patty, Erika, and Marcia.  They're talking about favorite medals, but I have some other bling to share! Ok, this isn't really running related...please forgive me.

I'm going to break it down this way.

Monday is the only day I worked out - Crush Legs (killer!). 

From Sunday 2/14 through today 2/23, my steps have been as follows: 2,333; 10,000; 10,119; 13,417; 10,706; 21,066; 25,886; 2,790; 10,097; 12,244.

Thursday night after school, we got in the car and drove south to Orlando.  Sadly, it wasn't for runDisney Princess Half Marathon, although I dearly wish it was.  Those of you with those new Little Mermaid medals - I envy you!  We were headed to Universal!  Will's mom, dad, and little brother had gotten there about two hours before us.  That night started with an overpriced hotel dinner and a surprise shot of Patron (that was probably at least 2, if not 3 - thanks, babe).

Friday we got to Universal around 9:30 am.  We started with Cinnabon (mmmm) and headed off to Islands of Adventure.  I had a very insistent boyfriend saying we needed to get our wands before anything else.  While I was excited (the wands are interactive y'all and I was ready to do magic!), I didn't understand the rush and why we couldn't even do the Suess ride his brother desperately wanted to.  We got to Ollivander's in Hogsmeade, got in line and waited about 30 minutes.  We watched a little girl get selected and then got our own wands.  I went to wait outside because that shop is super small.  He bought our wands, his mom got his and his brother's, and we all met up outside.

We got ready to open our wands, and mine just happened to have a little more sparkle than everyone else's.  It was a little more sparkle in the form of an engagement ring!

So, as of Friday morning outside of Ollivander's, I'm officially engaged!

We stayed at the park until close that day and had burgers for dinner - brie and caramelized onions on mine.  Saturday we stayed in the park from about 10:30 am until close.  Sunday the magic had to stop, and we had to come home =(

It was an absolutely magical and amazing weekend!  Maybe this will help explain why this post didn't come on Sunday =P