Saturday, April 9, 2016

Savannah Women's Half 4/2/16

April 2 was the second annual Savannah Women's Half Marathon, and like in the first year I ran it again with Cori!  

Overall, it was a good race! My ultimate everything is perfect goal was 3:15, but my realistic goal was 3:30.  I came in at 3:30:41 but my Garmin read almost a quarter mile long, so I claim goal accomplished!

I have many similar thoughts about the race as last year.

- Super cute participant bags instead of tee's
- Awesome race gear selection
- Mimosas at the finish line
- Amazing water stop volunteers
- The race directors really really listen to their participants, such as fixing the finish line to have enough mimosas for ALL participants (even at almost 4 hours in)

- Far too many out and backs
- I know I'm contradicting myself here BUT the awesome race gear selection does NOT come in curvy-friendly sizes
- Tents and other finish line things (besides mimosas) coming down before all racers were done

Thursday night we went to the New Balance Girls Night Out at Fleet Feet.  It involved champagne, marshmallows, and giggles!  It was a fun event and I'm glad we got out and went.  We also got new sports bras!!  

Mmmm, so good

Friday afternoon after school we went to the expo.  I'm really not a huge fan of this expo.  The only "booths" I bothered with were Savannah Rae's Gourmet Popcorn and the New Balance official race merchandise area.  Will got a Himalayan Sea Salt thing, but other than that it was a pretty boring expo if we're being honest here.

Blurry expo pic
Saturday morning, we got to Forsyth around 30 minutes before the race started and got a really good parking spot on the street.  We used the bathrooms VERY last minute and ended up starting almost literally last.  Despite that, the course really never seemed crowded.  I did start my watch too late and it didn't pick up GPS. At 1 mile I decided to start it anyway so I could at least have my intervals instead of trying to guess them, and lo and behold it had signal!  I did pretty well at a slow and steady pace throughout the race, and held on mentally and physically for longer than I expected.

We're ready!
Ok, guess it's real now!
Yes, I Snapchat and run
Still going strong
That's me in the teal on the far right
They let me give her her medal!
Yay, we're done!
My arch did act up a bit...
Mmmm, mimosas!
She doesn't know about this picture...
11 halfs/halves later!
Today, I'm linking up with Tuesdays on the Run hosted by PattyErika, and Marcia.  They're talking about 2016 goal updates.  But, uhm, I have none.  So here's a recap instead!!



  1. Sounds like a great race. Congrats meeting your goal and I hope your footsie heals quickly.

  2. Congrats on meeting the goal! This looks like a fun race to try - I still need Georgia LOL.

    Thanks for linking up!