Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Things Friday

1. Yoga!  I've recently started doing yoga at Savannah Power Yoga.  Most classes are heated to around 90 degrees.  It's been tough!  I haven't done yoga in a while.  I've never done heated yoga.  I've never done power yoga.  Basically, you're flowing the whole time and don't hold poses static like I'm used to.  I usually go to one of those classes a week, and one gentle class (non-heated and less intense).  I plan on going to meditation on Sunday as well.  This has been absolutely amazing for me the past couple weeks.  I've been super super stressed with school, but once I leave yoga I'm stress free and in a good mood, at least for the rest of the day.  I've also actually noticed progress in just a couple weeks, especially with balancing poses, so I'm really excited about that!

2. Avocados.  I just recently tried avocados, and decided that I really actually like them!  I don't like them plain, I will say that, because of the texture.  But I love putting them in all sorts of things, even with chicken mac & cheese the other night.  My boyfriend thought I was weird for that.  Oh well!  I feel like the flavor isn't too overwhelming, and I like getting in the healthy fats I know they have =)

3. Disney.  I've been super into Disney lately, gearing up for Tower of Terror a week from tomorrow.  I'm preeeeetty sure my boyfriend thinks he's dating a child, but it's ok because he loves me and puts up with it ;)  I just really like Disney! haha.  So maybe I am a bit of a child at heart, but it'll keep me from getting old too fast!

4. SparklySoul headbands.  I have a few now (5 I think?) and I try to wear them every day.  They're just so amazing and the first headbands I found that honestly don't slip.  I have so many layers in my hair and bangs that like to sneak out when my hair is up, because I usually don't have time to actually put it up with bobby pins and care.  But SparklySoul keeps all the loose hairs and wispies out of my face through school, yoga, running, anything really!  They're great!  And they sparkle!

5. Life!  I know this is so so cheesy.  And probably because I just had yoga like an hour ago.  But I've been learning to enjoy the good parts of life more.  Sure, some of my classes at school suck and I'm literally failing one...which has never happened in my life.  But I'm learning to look past the bad, and just try to do better going forward.

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