Saturday, September 7, 2013

More outdoor running

I had a 9.5 mile run on schedule for today. Well last night I wasn't doing anything (and had skipped my Thursday run :/) so I decided I might as well do it then. I had also already decided that I was going to do all my remaining training runs outside, weather permitting. 

Just before sunset, I headed over to my parents neighborhood. It's gated and mostly retirees, so I figure the worst I'd have to watch out for is a drunk kid on a golf cart. I got there and about five minutes into my run it was really nice and pretty. 
I started with 2:2 run/walk intervals and got 1.34 miles with that strategy. By then it was looking like this: 
I dropped down to 1:2 run/walk and got another mile this way. The humidity was just getting to me. I finally dropped to :30/2, feeling pretty defeated. I did end up doing 4.42 miles overall in 59:05. That's a 13:22 pace, a lot faster than I expected and than I used to be, so I accepted it. I'm going to try 10 miles again tomorrow night but start out at :30:2 and bump up to 1:2 if I feel like I can. I'm also going somewhere a lot more well lit. There were almost no street lights in the part of the neighborhood I was in! That definitely contributed to my negative mindset. I have high hopes for tomorrow though. 

I got back to my car looking oh so attractive and turned my fan up higher than it's ever been! 
I was also super happy that my water stayed cold! (I put an entire tray of ice in it.) 

I believe this run could've gone a lot better but a lot was also mental, so I know what to work on!

How have your training runs gone lately?


  1. The heat and humidity is killing me this season! I have to get those miles in for TOT though, so I did 7 on the treadmill on Saturday. Less than 4 weeks away!

    How did the 10 miles go on Sunday?

    1. Oh, well, you see...they didn't (in all honesty). I have a cold or allergies or a sinus something, so I basically did nothing all weekend. I'll probably switch out my maintenance run tomorrow for another go at it, weather permitting. If not, I'll suck it up and do it on the treadmill since that's better than nothing! I just want to make sure I'm prepared for the humidity too.

    2. Could always try 5 miles outside/5 miles on the treadmill :)

    3. That's a good thought! Thanks =)