Thursday, December 12, 2013

Savannah Bridge Run Race Recap

On December 7th, Ray and I ran the Savannah Bridge Run.  We ran the 5k, although they have 10k and Double Pump (5k then the 10k) options.  However, we had never conquered the bridge before, or any hills for that matter living in Savannah, so we opted to just go over it once.  According to the race website, the bridge itself is a "5.5% grade and 1.4-mile span" and then of course 1.7 miles after that (which had many smaller hills included!).  

Many people dress up in costume, a lot of which are shown below.  We didn't dress up, but his mom was Wonder Woman, along with the women from our local Moms Run This Town (also below).  And none of these at all are stolen from the professional photographer..... 

Like with the Pickle Run a few weeks ago, the race itself was hard, but the community was so amazing.  I had so much fun, and we might even do the Double Pump next year.  We'll certainly dress up.  I don't have all too much to say about this race.  We did complete it in 45:15, and my Garmin measured it long at 3.17 I believe, so about the same as the Pickle Run.

We did just join a local running club, and every Sunday morning they run the bridge, so that will be really helpful!

Did I mention it got to almost 80 during the race?  He took his shirt off about halfway through.

These are our war faces.

Has it been unreasonably or unusually warm for anyone else lately?



  1. Definitely not warm here in Houston lol. Hoping for some sun at least tomorrow though for my long run.

    Some of those race costumes are awesome! Funniest ones were definitely the lady with the reindeer balloon hat, and the guy running as a Christmas tree lol! Great pics!

    1. It changes its mind daily here! I think we've only dipped below freezing once though, so compared to a lot of the country I can't complain.

      There were some other great ones too that I couldn't get pictures of. What people can run in amazes me!

  2. That looks like a fun race! I love Savannah. And yes, it has been way too warm here lately, but I think a cold front just came through last night, so it is supposed to be down in the 30's for lows and upper 60's for highs, which I think is perfect weather.

    1. We woke up to 36 degree weather today, so maybe it is finally cooling down. If it could just stay around 55-60 when I have to run, but be...75 or so at all other times, I would be such a happy girl! If only haha!