Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites

I know I haven't posted in a while!

I did get another 5k PR on the treadmill at 33:54, so that was exciting.  My runs after that have been relaxed and pretty boring.

It's really weird for me to not have a race until ToT in October, leaving me not much to talk about while I'm still in the shorter training runs.  I'm sure I'll have lots once I get up in mileage, and have to incorporate in fueling and probably more accessories!  I'm also waiting until it starts to cool down (in 2 months probably, maybe I'll see in a month =( ) before I start running outside again.

So, as many bloggers do, I'm doing a Friday favorite - just not about running.  I just need an excuse to brag sometimes!

This guy right here is my absolutely favorite in the world!

I don't think he gets enough appreciation from me ever, even though he won't be seeing this ;)

This is my boyfriend, Ray.  We'll have been together a year on August 6th, officially on September 10th.  I know this doesn't seem like long, especially since I'm (barely) 21 and he's 22, but it's felt like so much longer.

He really is my best friend, and has done more for me emotionally than he'll ever be able to understand or I'll be able to explain.

It's funny; we actually met on a double date when we were both dating other people, in early 2010.  Then in probably around March of 2012, we started texting and talking all the time, but I was still living in Iowa at the time.  I was in a bad relationship, and had gone out there for a 'man' I shouldn't have.  It was a bad experience all around.  But I didn't want to come home, even after nearly two years of misery, because that meant admitting to everyone I was wrong.  Ray finally gave me the strength to get over that and come back home.

We're by no means perfect, and I tend to unfairly take out frustration on him.  But he has the patience of a saint with that, and my nagging, and for that I love him even more.

I could brag about my man for hours, but I'll leave it at that for now.  Sorry for the sap!

What important people do you have in your life?



  1. What a sweet post :) My hubby is definitely one of the most important people in my life! He is very loving and supportive!

    I will be at TOT this year too!! Maybe I will see y'all there!

    1. Thanks! There are some pretty great guys out there ;)