Monday, June 17, 2013

I did a Mud Run!

So on Saturday, the 15th, my roommate Courtney and I ventured to the JCB plant in Pooler, and did a Mud Run.  Our thought was "I used to do cross country/I run 5ks, this is just 4.3 miles with a few obstacles".  WRONG.  It was grueling.  We didn't run any of it, except from the start to the first obstacle.  By the end, we literally didn't know how our bodies were working.  Granted, if we had trained for it, it probably would've been okay, buuuuut .... we didn't.

We were boring and didn't even wear coordinating outfits, let alone cute things.  It really didn't matter by the end! 

I have cuts in places the sun doesn't even see.  I have bruises (that's not a shock, I bruise if you poke me with a stuffed animal, but shhh).  My body aches on every inch.  But with some training and preparation, I'd take it on again next year. 

Have you ever done a mud run?  Would you ever?

Now I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Before, in front of a JCB machine of some sort

Before bibs

One of three horrible hills we conquered, then had to slide down over sticks and rocks
This was also one of the few places they let spectators through
Almost-at-the-end action shot
Right after the finish line!
Courtney made a smiley face on her tummy
I broke a shoe about halfway through getting stuck in the mud
Our after bibs
Shoes about to get thrown out!

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