Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glass Slipper Challenge

Welp, I'm registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Considering I've never even done anything higher than a 5k, I should probably get started on training....

I'm already a week late on Galloway's ToT training plan, but I kindddd of just got a new tattoo and it's been too sore to run.

But it's cute and totally worth it! But it hurts enough walking around, let alone running with tight shorts!
 I also had my 21st birthday, for which my boyfriend took me out to the Melting Pot.  I had entirely too much fondue/food and I had a watermelon martini.  (I forgot my ID.  I don't look 21.  Don't tell on our waiter!)

And then on Saturday my parents took us to Ruth Chris.  We also had a drink at Rocks on the Roof first, which I forgot to take a picture of...It's on top of the Bohemian hotel and super expensive and overlooks the river.  (And that bridge in the background is the one we run over for the Bridge Run in December!)
So I stole this one from Google
I've also been doing the whole school thing, which is super time consuming. 

And failing at streaking (oops!).

It's been a good week or two, just not running wise =)

Is anyone else slacking off?


  1. I just signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge and am really looking forward to it :)

    Super cute tattoo, by the way!!!